About Us

With the combined efforts of top calibre professionals in the field of technology, e-Methods for Business Management Corp. or e-MBM for brevity purposes was duly organized in October 1, 2002. The wealth of experience contributed by the Board of Directors, Managing Officers and staff has been beneficial to thousands of small and medium businesses. This company is the most efficient provider of solutions for the management of receivables and payables, real time inventory systems and general accounting measures.


Since the establishment of e-MBM, it has taken responsibility on marketing Intuit’s key products namely Quicken and QuickBooks in the Philippines. Having been designated by Intuit as key partner and master reseller, e-MBM takes pride in serving more than 7,000 satisfied clients.

As this company understands the increasing demand of the clients, e-MBM partnered up with xTuple Virginia to cater the needs of growing companies. xTuple is a software that integrates all functional areas in a business thus generating reports vital to the requirements of every department crucial for decision making.

Innovation is one of the best attributes of this company and that is the main reason why recently, Sabi Ni Juan, a mobile advertising app, was created. It is intended for big businesses whose target market are those always on the go and do not have time to take part in the influence of traditional marketing.