About Us

Our Company

e-Methods for Business Management Corp. was organized in October 1, 2002. Collectively the members of the Board of Directors, the Managing Officers and its staff contribute a total of 65 years’ experience in providing business solutions for thousands of small and medium businesses. Solutions such as managing receivables and payables, just in time inventory systems, analysis of an entity’s business performance, tracking down marketing data, customer trends and customer credit performance for effective marketing strategy.

Since October 1, 2002, e-MBM has taken charge of the marketing of Intuit’s key products such as Quicken and QuickBooks in the Philippines. e-MBM has been designated by Intuit as key partner and Master Reseller in the Philippines for Quicken and QuickBooks. As of today, e-MBM serves more than 5,000 small t medium businesses who are all satisfied QuickBooks clients.


The founders of e-MBM were the same people who developed the market for Quicken and QuickBooks since 1993.


  • On-site Training
  • Online Technical Support
  • Consultation Visit
  • Implementation Services
  • Programming Services
  • Customizing programs based on client’s requirements
  • Creation of bridge software for seamless transaction of files.
  • Creation of HRIS and Payroll.

Currently, e-Methods for Business Management Corp. has forged a strategic partnership with xTuple Virginia.

This partnership has produced xTuple ERP with some of the following distinct capabilities among other things:

  • A Web-Based Enterprise Accounting
  • Runs on Windows, Linux and Apple MAC
  • Designed for developed companies with increasing subsidiaries
  • Provides access to unlimited users.
  • Available anywhere globally through the internet
  • Controls inventory in all warehouses in any location
  • Records transactions in any currency of any country
  • Provides for a comprehensive consignment module

On the basis of our collective experience, e-Methods for Business Management Corp. recognized early on that having introduced a world standard accounting solution such as QuickBooks, most client companies can quickly outgrow QuickBooks and will require a more comprehensive set of solutions that is beyond the scope of an excellent small business solution such as QuickBooks.

Hence, the strategic partnership between e-Methods for Business Management Corp. and xTuple Virginia and the recognition of the growing needs of business clients in various businesses encouraged us to develop this versatile business solution, and distribution and implementation of xTuple ERP.

Please see our Intuit Official Resellership Announcement on this file.