QuickBooks is an efficient and effective tool for business accounting. Its user-friendliness is very handy for anyone, that even people with no accounting background could use it just as those with expertise. It captures all necessary data from end to end, be it from encoding or importing from spreadsheets or flat files. It generates its own reports, some of which are able to be customized to the users’ preferences.

However, the software still has its limits. QuickBooks does not have its own customizing feature for its vouchers, just a general layout which only is compatible for some countries such as the US. Another feature it somehow lacks from being user-friendly is importing of transactions, as most of what are to be easily imported are listings such as Customers, Suppliers, Items, etc.

So, e-MBM produced these products, QuickPrint & QuickImport, to cater such limits with QuickBooks still being the main software. These products will serve as third-party software services that will have your own vouchers layout with fetched QuickBooks data, ready to be printed, and will have your transactions be imported to being QuickBooks data, ready to be generated to respective reports of such transactions.