QuickPeach is an easy, affordable ,accurate and integrated human resources and payroll management system that facilitates

management of the full range of HRMS functions and responsibilities. This gives your organization the much needed tools to manage your most

important asset i.e. people. QuickPeach is easy yet powerful HR and Payroll software that fits the needs of small to medium-size businesses.

QuickPeach helps you with all aspects of managing your employee records and seamless integration with accounting packages

like QuickBooks and Peachtree.

It helps you to manage all HR and payroll activities e.g. staffing, training, attendance, and integration with attendance device,

leave, promotion/demotion, appraisals, salary, overtime, loan, posting into QuickBooks and Peachtree i.e. from candidate

entry till employee exit. A powerful core database and extensive feature-list makes it easier, more accurate and efficient HR And Payroll

Management System than ever before.

Human Resource Module is designed to manage employees in a better and efficient way. It allows to create an extensive employee database

that can be easily searched .It quickly assess the task done by an employee also assess employee performance against pre-defined goals

and competencies.  

Payroll Management Module is designed to address the entire spectrum of enterprise payroll requirements ensuring accurate, faster and

efficient payroll processing . It allows you to automate payroll calculations for wages, benefits, and other forms of compensation,

based on user defined rules and can save your time and effort. It enables you to align payroll processing according to your organization’s

policies and ensure that payroll process is effective, accurate and consistent.